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Jewellery Care​



<Caring for jewellery>

In the case of doing housework, bathing, when going to bed, doing sports, etc., we recommend that you take off once as it may cause dirt, discoloration, deformation or damage.

Storage method

To reduce dullness, dirt by sebum etc. After wiping with a soft cloth etc. after use, please put individually in plastic bags, pouches, cases etc one by one. Also, please avoid storing in a sunny place, extremely dry place, hot and humid place.

In order to patronize precious jewellery for a long time, we recommend regular cleaning. Please use commercially available exclusive cleaner for cleaning.

Care of silver products

Silver products tend to discolor if they touch perspiration, hot springs, seawater etc. Also, depending on the substance contained in the air, the surface will be sulfurized and discoloration will proceed, so care should be taken not to touch the air as much as possible when storing it. Please wipe off dirt such as sweat and oil with a soft cloth immediately after use, please put in a plastic bag with a chuck and keep it. Also, in order to avoid discoloration as much as possible, we recommend periodically cleaning with a polish or cleaner dedicated to silver products.

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