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*お好みの石とメタルの組み合わせをお選びください:ブラックスピネル、レモンクオーツ、アイオライト、ペリドット(+ ¥2,000)、アメジスト (+ ¥2,000)、ルビー (+ ¥2,000)、アクアマリン (+ ¥2,000)、トルマリン(+ ¥2,000)



Gem Heart Necklace

A lovely necklace from the "Dream" collection.  Decorated with a tiny gem stones, each piece is carefully embroidered onto the edges. Leaving a little retro feeling, this necklace is elegantly feminine. Perfect choice for a gift giving.


*Out-of-Stock items are available on order (2-3 weeks) Please request from the Order Form below.

*Available Colour :  Gold only

*Please select your choice of gem stone. Black Spinnel, Iolite, Lemon Quartz, Peridot(+ ¥2,000), Amethyst(+ ¥2,000), Ruby(+ ¥2,000), Aquamarine (+ ¥2,000), Tourmaline(+ ¥2,000)





  • DR006-N-GD (gold)

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