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​ スピーディーに変わりゆく時代の中で、ふと漂う牧歌的でノスタルジックな空気を表現したジュエリーコレクションは、







Jewellery brand “POÉTIQUE bijoux”, founded in 2016 by female designer and entrepreneur, Ai Suzuki.

As a designer and illustrator, Ai's jewellery collection has a nostalgic inspiration

while seamlessly appearing to float through time and space,

supporting women who are confident and driven while at the same time embrace a warmth and gentleness. 

In 2021, POÉTIQUE bijoux is excited to expand its passion for design and focus on femininity by launching the home and lifestyle brand.

We hope to inspire women to accomplish and exceed beyond their goals and dreams, 

staying on their path to inner happiness while allowing for time to enjoy the precious moments in life.  


Handmade with Love ♡








While proposing an organic way of life,

we support all women's positive living.

We avoid overproduction and

use recycled materials as much as possible

All pieces are carefully crafted one by one

in the small atelier in Tokyo.

You will feel the warmth of the handmade-ness

at the moment you touch them.

A I  S U Z U K I

Director & Designer

静岡県生まれ。幼い頃から表具師だった父親の下で絵画やアート、クラフトに興味を持ち自由に育つ。その後、ロンドンのセントラルセントマーチンズにてジュエリーデザインを学び、卒業後は都内のアパレル企業に勤務する傍ら、個人オーダーにてジュエリーの制作を続ける。時間の経過と共に自身の持つ世界観をもっと形にしたいという思いが強くなりジュエリーブランド「ポエティーク・レ・ビジュー」をスタート。フリーランスのイラストレーターとして、ELLE Japonや CREAなどの国内ファッション誌、アパレル企業アッシュペーフランス・ビジューのDM、海外のアートフェア出展や塗り絵本の出版などで活躍中。

She was born in 1979, in Japan. From her early age she developed her passion for drawing, art and her love for crafts lead her to study Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. After graduated, she started her career as an illustrator while working in the fashion industry in Tokyo. A few years later she began to produce her own jewellery label "POÉTIQUE bijoux".Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Ai in an effort to creating genuine pieces.