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​Shipping & Shipping Cost



​Delivery Company

We will ship through Japan mail (Nippon Yubin) to all areas within Japan.
※ Please see below for the overseas shipping.

After shipping the product, we will send you an e-mail with the tracking number.
You can check the delivery status etc on the website of Japan Post (change delivery date etc.) 【⇒ Postal tracking service】


Please note the delivery may be delayed depending on the situation or traffic conditions due to the delivery on busy season or a bad weather.


​Choice of Arrival Date

In-Stock Products

You can specify after 5 business days from the date of order confirmation.

※ If you do not specify, we will ship by the earliest arrival date.

Out-of-Stock Products / Customized Products
We will sent you a completion mail once your ordered piece is ready to ship. Please reply to our Email if you wish for the specific arrival date.

※ If you do not specify, we will ship by the earliest arrival date.

Choice of Arrival Time​

You can choose from the following; 


2PM - 4PM

4PM - 6PM

6PM - 8PM

7PM - 9PM

8PM - 9PM

※Depending on the area of your residence, delivery may be two days later from your desired time.

In case of absence
In case of absence on delivery, the absence contact form will be posted to the post.
Please request re-delivery to each office of Japan Post listed on the absentee's notice within 6 days from the delivery.
If you can not receive beyond the keep period (6 days), the product will be sent back once to our shop and will be re-shipped.
▶ Japan Mail Re-Delivery Reception Page

Shipping Cost​

We ship FREE for all within Japan. (except Free Shipping within Japan (Partially excluded).

※All the cost shown are Tax exclusive.
※Extra charges will not be incurred even on remote islands.

​Shipping Overseas

Shipping method

We ship our products outside Japan by International Parcel Post of Japan Post.
For the convenience of insurance matter, we will limit the item price to less than 100,000 yen.
After we ship the product, we will send you an e-mail with your tracking  number

Shipping Cost​

We charge 3,000 JPY for all the shippings overseas.

Payment amount

"Product price + Postage"

​*Japanese Consumption Tax is exclusive

Entering your address

Please enter your address as usual.
If the standard of address does not fit or if you need an extra note, please fill in the address again in the remarks column.
We will not be responsible for any troubles caused by a missing or incorrect destination information.



AS we do not know the delivery circumstances of the shipping in a destination country,
At the time of shipment completion, responsibility for product delivery will be transferred to the delivery company and customers. 
Please note that we will be exempted from all the troubles caused overseas.


*There may be a case when you are asked to pay the  Customs duties, import duties, and customs fees for the purchased item. 
In that case, you will be responsible for the recipient so please make the payment directly to the delivery company at the time of receipt.
*Please note that policies on taxes and customs fees vary from country to country, so please contact the customs authorities of the destination country for details.

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