“Like perceiving different stories in a picture,

When a piece of jewellery transforms itself into silent words,

It becomes an impression, which delivers a story of its wearer.

Subtly veiling the details like perfume,

her existence only floats.

How a pure and poetic art that is”

Established in 2017, POÉTIQUE jewellery is designed and produced by Ai Suzuki in her small atelier in the heart of Tokyo. After graduating Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, she worked in fashion industry for several years and as well as working as a freelance illustrator, Ai personally developed her concepts to establish her own jewellery line. “POÉTIQUE” – French term for “Poetic” which symbolises romance and fragility within Ai’s creations as well as reflections on her ideas on how jewellery should be evaluated. She wishes that each piece to demonstrate a profound expression of the wearer that makes herself most appealing while effortlessly conveying elegance. Her inspiration taken from one single flower to the historical art works, from her personal stories to fading memories and emotion that evoke inside, all of which make the brand quite unique and timeless. “Soft as Gold, Bold as Flower” – Within its design concept, it holds the image of a woman who has a firm determination and confidence but at the same time carries a delicacy and elegance inside. In order to achieve this, Ai combines the quality of hardness and softness into a piece to create the beauty which she believes exists between the two opposites such as feminine & masculine, light & dark, subtle & direct, classic & modern etc.  In addition, what makes her jewellery quite distinctive is that the way she leaves the trace of raw handmade-ness in each piece for tactile authenticity.  Ai says, "the story behind one piece of jewellery is what connects our mind and a product and that's what jewellery is all about really, because that makes us happy."  POÉTIQUE offers bespoke service with whoever wishes to take the piece on more personal level bringing the ideas and unique stories, and is delighted to share the passion for creating one off jewellery that will be appreciated and valued through life time. 

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ひとつのジュエリーが音のない「言葉」に変 わる時、